About us

Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), commonly known as ICFAI Tech School (ITS) is a constituent of IFHE. IFHE is a Deemed University established under Section 3 of UGC Act, 1956.

ICFAI Tech School provides quality education and training in the fields of science and technology.

Body of Knowledge
ITS integrates into its learning system an innovative and emerging body of knowledge. The following are its highlights:

  • Cutting-edge course curriculum capturing the contemporary and effective pedagogy, with emphasis on both fundamentals and applications.
  • Encouraging students to not only articulate science and technology needs but also provide appropriate solutions.
  • Developing appreciation for synthesized multidisciplinary learning by way of internships, measurement techniques, workshop practices and other group learning assignments.
  • To acquire a reputation as a highly purposive, innovative institution setting the pace for workable reforms in professional education, suitable and most relevant for the Indian cultural milieu.
  • To provide high-quality, cutting-edge and career-oriented education programs in science and technology, to student population across the country.
  • To provide highly motivated and successful science and technology graduates to meet the current and projected needs of the knowledge-workforce.
List of Ph.D. Scholars

Information on research scholars at ITS

Name of the candidate Enrol. No. Discipline Enrolement Date Status
Ms. Swapna Samala 16STRCHH010001 Chemistry 01/11/2016 Course work
Mr. Ravikiran Uppala 16STRCHH010002 Physics 01/11/2016
Mr. Rudrarapu Aravind 16STRCHH010003 Chemistry 15/11/2016