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BA Economics Program

BA Economics Prospectus and Application form


  • There is an increasing demand for economists with background in mathematics, statistics and data science. The graduates in economics are much sought across diverse roles comprising researchers, consultants, strategists and analysts.
  • Economics is known as the queen of social sciences. Its importance stems from the fact that most of the social phenomena relating either to consumers and businesses, or to the government, deal with the scarcity of resources and multiplicity of wants. The discipline, as taught in most institutions, has been undergoing major changes in keeping with the demands of changing times. With globalization the relevance of the discipline has increased manifold.
  • Well-trained economists with a firm grip and a clear understanding of changing economic trends attract respectable jobs with handsome salaries from reputed employers including banks, financial institutions, MNCs, research firms to name a few.

The Program

  • The ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE) has launched a BA (Economics) Program geared to meeting the aspirations of undergraduate students. The program helps students to learn the basics of discipline in a conducive academic environment.
  • The Program, spread over three academic years (six semesters) and thirty six courses, spans across the width of knowledge relevant to a bachelors’ degree.
  • The courses in Economics include not only micro and macroeconomic theory but also applications such as public finance, trade, financial economics, environmental studies, etc.
  • The foundation courses consisting of mathematics, statistics, econometrics, computer programming, and database provide better understanding of business and economic analysis, forecasting, and policy. It also covers closely related social science subjects such as political science, psychology, philosophy, logic, ethics, law and management.
  • The students can specialize in econometrics or data science or entrepreneurship or financial economics. The students will gain hands on experience through an internship program. The course concludes with a thesis which enables students to articulate and analyze a problem.
  • The BA (Economics) graduates will have an excellent chance of getting admission into reputed Institutions in India and abroad for higher studies. They will also have good employment opportunities. There is ample scope for developing scholastic skills & personality traits.

Eligibility : Pass in Class XII or equivalent examination with an aggregate of 50% and above marks (any discipline) with English as medium of instruction.

BA (Economics) Course Structure*

Semester I Semester II

1. Micro Economics

2. Introduction to Political Science

3. English language

4. Linear Algebra

5. Probability and Statistics

6. Computer Skills and Applications


1. Macro Economics-I

2. Ethics, Philosophy and Logic

3. Professional Communication

4. Calculus

5. Statistical Inference

6. History of Indian Economy


Internship during the end of First year

Semester III Semester IV

1. Macro Economics-II

2. Introduction to Psychology

3. Principles of Management

4. Issues in Development & Growth

5. Mathematical Analysis for Economists

6. Environmental studies


1. Banking and Market Regulations

2. Indian Economy-1

3. History of Economic Thought

4. Econometrics-1

5. Public Finance

6. International Trade


Internship during the end of Second year

Semester V Semester VI

1. International Finance and Financial Institutions

2. Databases and their uses 

3. Econometrics-II

4. Indian Economy-II

5. Financial Economics

6. Public Policy



1.      Data Science

2.      Topics in Econometrics

3.      Financial Economics

4.      Entrepreneurship

5.      Mathematical Economics

6.      Law and Economics

7.      Regional Economics


There will be Seven  streams, each of two courses. The student will have to choose two streams. The student will also be required to write a thesis which will be equivalent to two courses during the sixth semester.



Subject to modification*


Course 3rd Year (VI Sem) Credits
Stream-1: Data Science

Courses : (a) Predictive Analytics


                (b)Python and Machine Learning


Stream-2: Topics in  Econometrics

Courses : (a) Macro econometric Modeling


                (b) Time series and Spatial  Econometrics


Stream-3: Financial Economics

Courses : (a) Market Micro Structure


                (b) Financial Derivatives


Stream-4: Entrepreneurship

Courses : (a) Entrepreneurial Finance


                (b) Managing Start-ups


Stream-5: Mathematical Economics

Courses : (a) Advanced Micro Economics


                (b) Advanced Macro Economics


Stream-6: Law and Economics

Courses : (a) Advanced Economics of Regulation, Competition Commission                       reports, TRAI, SEBI and other regulatory bodies


                (b) Consumer Affairs (UGC Course)



Stream-7: Regional Economics



Courses : (a) Regional Economics



                (b) Telangana Economy


There will be a Thesis of (six credits) which will be taken up during the sixth semester.

Admission Calendar
Last Date for Submission of Completed Application Form May 31, 2019
Personal Interviews June 10-14, 2019
Registration July 18, 2019
Commencement of Classes July 19, 2019

Admission Modalities:
The Admission modalities are with reference to the BA (Economics) Program offered by ICFAI Business School (IBS) Hyderabad of the ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE).

Eligibility: Pass in Class XII or equivalent examination with an aggregate of 50% and above marks (any discipline) with English as medium of instruction.

The applicant should fulfill the minimum age requirements as prescribed by the respective board through which the applicant has appeared for the qualifying examination.

If an applicant is found ineligible even at a later date, after admission into the program, his/her admission will be cancelled. All admissions will be subject to verification of facts from the original certificates/ documents of the applicant. The decision of the Admissions Committee regarding eligibility of any applicant shall be final.

The selected applicants will be sent the selection letters and will be given Provisional Admission. The provisional admission is subject to payment of admission fee.

Applicants who have appeared for Class XII (or equivalent) examination and awaiting results are also eligible to apply provided they complete their examinations (including practical examinations) before July 18, 2019. The admission of applicants will, however remain provisional until they produce marksheets establishing their eligibility. The last date for submitting the proof of Class XII (or equivalent) marksheet is September 17, 2019, failing which the provisional admission will automatically stand cancelled.

How to Apply: Students interested can apply by any one of the following methods:
A) Online Application
Applicants can apply online by filling up the Application Form available at and make payment of Rs. 500 towards the cost, using Credit / Debit Card (Visa / Master Card / Internet Banking) through secure internet payment gateway. Applicants applying online should upload their passport size color photograph while filling the Online Application. The Prospectus will be sent to such applicants.

B) Download of Application Form
Applicants can fill their details online and download the Application Form from and send it to the Admissions Office along with the Demand Draft of Rs. 500 towards the cost of the application in favor of “IFHE-Fee Collection A/c-BA” payable at Hyderabad.

C) Fill the Application Form given
Applicants can fill in the application form given and send it to the Admissions Office.
E-Mail: All applicants are mandatorily required to indicate their e-mail ID, as all important information relating to programs will be intimated to the applicants by e-mail. Similarly all applicants are required to send their communication by e-mail only to:

Submission of Application Form
Completed application forms should reach the following address before May 31, 2019 by person / post / courier.

IFHE Admissions Office,
# 65, Nagarjuna Hills, Punjagutta,
Hyderabad - 500 082, Telangana State.
Ph: 040-23440966,
Toll-free: 1 800 599 0767

Selection Process
The selection for the program is made based on merit. Eligible applicants are required to apply for the program using the Application Form. Final selection will be made based on Personal Interview.

Particulars Due Date Fee (amount in Rs.)
Admission Fee On Interview Day    20,000
Semester I Fee July 18, 2019    50,000
Semester II Fee December 26, 2019    50,000
Semester III Fee July 27, 2020    50,000
Semester IV Fee December 24, 2020    50,000
Semester V Fee July 26, 2021    50,000
Semester VI Fee December 24, 2021    50,000
TOTAL 3,20,000

Caution Deposit: Students of BA (Economics) Program are required to pay a caution deposit of Rs. 10,000 along with the first semester fee. The caution deposit will be refunded without interest and after adjusting for dues, if any, to the students on completion of the program.

Accommodation and Transportation: Limited hostel rooms are available at the campus. Day Scholars can avail bus facility from City to IFHE Campus on payment basis.

Merit Scholarships
IFHE offers merit scholarships to the students pursuing the BA (Economics) Program. The scholarships are based on past academic record in Class XII and Semester-wise performance during the BA (Economics) Program.

A. Merit Scholarships based on past academic record: Students will be awarded merit scholarships based on percentage of aggregate marks achieved in qualifying examination (Class XII or its equivalent). Scholarship will continue semester after semester only on maintaining the minimum 6.0 GPA in the previous semester.The details are as presented in the following table.

Aggregate Percentage of marks in Class XII or its equivalent ≥ 90 ≥80- < 90 ≥70- < 80
Total amount of Scholarship (Rs.)* 45,000 30,000 18,000
Scholarship Amount per semester (Rs.) 7,500 5,000 3,000

Above scholarship amount would be adjusted equally in 6 installments in each semester fee payable.

B. Merit Scholarships based on Semester-wise Performance: Up to 10% of the students of the batch will be awarded merit scholarships based on the Semester-wise performance in the BA (Economics) Program (Details presented in the table given below). These scholarships are awarded in addition to the scholarships based on the past academic record.

Semester Performance (CGPA) ≥ 9.00 ≥8.50 - < 9.00 ≥8.00 - < 8.50
Scholarship Amount (Rs.) per Semester 15,000 11,000 7,500

Bank Loans
Several public and private sector banks provide educational loans to applicants. Applicants seeking educational loans may approach the respective bank branches.

Utmost importance will be given to placement-related activities to ensure that all successful graduates secure suitable placements. In this context, the Faculty of Science & Technology is uniquely placed to leverage on an industry network, developed over a period of time by The ICFAI University Group.

Over the past several years, a strong placement network has been developed with bluechip companies in the manufacturing, engineering, information technology, and other sectors. A number of national and multinational companies have recruited the students through campus recruitment. This has been achieved through constant interaction with the industry by way of seminars, internship courses conducted in industries, research projects,and on and off-campus initiatives.

Personality development programs are organized as a part of placement activity. All the students are provided guidance in career planning.

The entire placement exercise is a joint effort between the Faculty of Science & Technology and the students. While the Faculty of Science & Technology provides guidance, support, and networking with potential employers, the students have the responsibility to put in the maximum possible efforts to obtain suitable placements.

Institutions where B.Tech. Graduates of ITS, IFHE got admissions for higher studies


Placement Status of B. Tech students of IST, IFHE

Description 2010-14 2011-15 2012-16 2013-17
No. of Students on roll 156 76 152  119
Opted for Higher Study 39 42 36  20
Opted for Placements 117 45 82  96
No. of Students placed 104 36 76   84 
% Placements 89% 80% 92% 87% 
Average Salary* 2.55 3.01 3.17  3.37
Highest Salary* 5.0 5.04 14.0  15.0

Prominent Recruiters at ITS, IFHE, Hyderabad, 2013-14

  • Accenture
  • ADP
  • Apoorva IT
  • Aishwarya Telecom
  • Asa Bhanu
  • ATMECS Tech.
  • Broadridge
  • BelcoSys
  • Choice Solutions
  • Comm Labs
  • Dark Horse
  • Design Tribes
  • Divami Software
  • Data64
  • Edutech
  • Factsheet
  • Fission Labs
  • Future Tech
  • GenPact
  • Global Logic
  • GlobalStep
  • HCL Tech
  • HSBC
  • Hettich
  • IBM
  • IGate
  • Indian Navy
  • IKYA
  • Inrhythm solutions
  • Incessant Technologies
  • Kelly Services(NES)
  • K-Tree
  • Magikminds
  • Mahindra & Mahindra
  • Mastech
  • MAQ Software
  • Mindfire Solutions
  • Mold Tek
  • NICE Solutions
  • Nilestream Info.
  • NTT Data
  • Nucon Aerospace
  • Perceptive Analytics
  • PEBS Pennar
  • Persistent Technology
  • Polman Instruments
  • Quality Photonics
  • Ramky Environ.
  • SAKET Engineering
  • Schneider Electric
  • Semantic Space
  • Sevya Multimedia
  • Sonata Software
  • STUP Consultancy
  • SumTotal
  • Sunera Tech
  • T-Bits
  • Toshiba
  • Virtusa
  • VRL Automation
  • Veljan Hydroair
  • ZenQ Tech