Careers Management

Career Management Center

The Career Management Center operates under the overall guidance of a Director who leads a team of Managers and executives.

CMC personnel visit more than a 1000 top companies across the country every year and have developed strong relationships with them. This interaction with the industry equips the career management team to provide suitable career planning to the students. It also helps to increase recruitments and maintain strong industry contacts.

There has also been a steady increase in the compensation and the number of companies recruiting from IBS every year.

Key Activites at CMC

  • Providing a strong foundation through pre-placement talks and workshops
  • Personality development workshops
  • Career counseling to students

The Summer Internships combine academic inputs with practical training and offer industry-related, hands-on experience in various career opportunities. They also help students gain future employment contacts by networking with potential employers.
Strong Industry Interface

Industry interaction programs are organized by CMC with a cross-section of professionals from various sectors and functional areas like financial services, marketing, human resource management, operations, information technology, etc. A range of professional development seminars are also organized with the industry, to facilitate regular job placements.