About the Seminar            

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has brought in new spirit into its process of assessment and accreditation with the revised process effective from July 2017 making it more robust, objective, transparent, scalable and technology enabled. The revised process also reduces the duration for accreditation.

Some of the redeeming features of revised NAAC Assessment & Accreditation Framework are:

(a) data based quantitative indicator evaluation with increased objectivity and transparency;

(b) extensive use of ICT confirming scalability and robustness;

(c) simplification of the process by reduction in number of questions, size of the report, visit days, etc.;

(d) boosting benchmarking as quality improvement tool;

(e) introduction of pre-qualifier for peer team visit as 30% of system generated score;

(f) introduction of System Generated Scores (SGS) with combination of online evaluation;

(g) introduction of the element of third party validation of data and the possibility of roping in multiple agencies in adopting a 100% off site evaluation of HEIs applying for 4th cycle accreditation; on-site visits in exceptional cases;

(h) providing appropriate differences in the metrics, weightages and benchmarks

(i) revising several metrics to bring in enhanced participation of students and alumni in the assessment process.

Seminar Objectives

The seminar is an awareness program in quality systems in higher education focusing on Universities and taking into account NAAC framework for Assessment and Accreditation. The objectives of the seminar are:

• To disseminate the revised NAAC Accreditation & Assessment Framework among the decision-makers of the Universities.

• To build enabling capacity among the universities for improving the quality in higher education.

• To promote quality culture among higher educational institutions by identifying measurement metrics, benchmarking and developing processes for attaining the intended outcomes aiming for securing NAAC Accreditation.

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