Guest Lectures Conducted from January to December 2018

Sl.No Details of Speaker Title Date
1 ALV Kumar Reddy
Senior Scientist
Innovations  And Opportunities In Dae And Space 01.02.2018 200 students attended
2 Mr.Satish Kumar, Regional Lead, IT-ITES SSC, NASSCOM Emerging trends in IT/Engineering Sector 09.02.2018 3rd year students were made aware about possible employment opportunities and the required skill set and certification.
3 Dr. CH. KAMESWARA RAO, Sr. Dy. General Manager (Retd.) BHEL R & D, Hyderabad Intellectual Property Rights & Patents 12-April-2018 100 students attended
4 Dr. Sushil Chandra, Scientist, DRDO Technology Interacting With Human Cognition 01-Sep-18 All CSE students have attended the programme

Guest Lectures Conducted from January to December 2017

Lecture Details Title Date Outcome

Dr. Santanu Chatterjee, Directorate of ICT, RCI, DRDO

“Secure WSN : The Present need for Emerging IoT  Application Framework”


An interactive and informative session about wireless network and its application framework.

Mr. Rachmale Omkar  E
Senior design engineer, Spectrum Techno Consultants, Mumbai

Current trends in bridge engineering


Exposed to current practices happening in infrastructure industry related to Metros and other bridge projects

Dr. Ashudeb Dutta
Associate Professor, IIT-Hyderabad

VLSI – RF IC Design


Third Year ECE and EEE students had attended the lecture. The students had insight of the developments  happenings in the field of VLSI area related to RF applications

Dr. Chandan Chowdhury, Executive Director and Practice Professor (Operations Management & Information Systems) at Indian School of Business, Mohali Campus, Mohali

Integrating arts, science, technology and emotion for sustainable development


All departments Faculty members and few students attended.

Dr. S.Srinath, Professor from School of Physics, Univ. of Hyderabad

Multifunctional Materials and their Applications


This extramural lecture helped in exploring both research scholars and the faculty to an area of material science. This assumes importance due to the interesting applications that are possible

Prof. P. Srinivas, Former Professor, Department of Chemistry, Osmania University, Hyderabad



The lecture was attended by research scholars and faculty members of science departments. It exposed them to the thrust areas of chemistry in which a possible research problem can be identified and the research can be  carried out.

Dr. M. Suneela, Environmental Information System Coordinator, Environmental Protection Training and Research Institute – Hyderabad

Concepts of Ambient Air Quality Monitoring


This extramural lecture helped in understanding the Students to know the causes of air pollution, its effects, remedies and several techniques for measuring air pollution in India. It also helped to the faculties and research scholars who are working in this area.

Mr. Chakradhar, Director, M/s. Dhanush Engineering Sevices India Pvt Ltd.

HVAC, latest trends and opportunities


II and III year Mechanical Students and MED Faculty members attended. Got clarity on HVAC systems and its opportunities.

Dr. Ashubeb Dutta, Associate Professor, Department of ECE,  IIT- Hyderabad Campus

Effort Together : Success on VLSI


3rd Year ECE students and Faculty members of the Group had participated

Extramural Lecture byDr.Deben K DasProfessor and Past ChairMechanical Engineering, University of Alaska FairbanksFairbanks, Alaska, USA

Application of Nanotechnology in fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer


Students and Faculty members Inspired by his speech and enquired on research scope. & Sir visited MED Labs and appreciated on Imparting fundamental knowledge to students and also suggested improvements.

Eminent Visitors and Guest Lectures 2012–2018
1. Prof Geetha Krishnan, consultant, Babson College, US on 11th September 2018

2. Dr. Nandita Sethi, Managing Director,Zen Skillproc Pvt Ltd on 11th September 2018

3. Dr. Sushil Chandra, Scientist, DRDO, on 1st September 2018

4. Mr.Rachmale Omkar E, Senior design engineer, Spectrum Techno Consultants , Mumbai on October 27, 2017

5. Dr. Santanu Chatterjee , Directorate of ICT, RCI, DRDO, October 13, 2017

6. Dr. Ashudeb Dutta, Associate Professor,IIT-Hyderabad on October 9, 2017

7. Dr. Chandan Chowdhury, Executive Director and Practice Professor (Operations Management & Information Systems) at Indian School of Business - ‎Indian School of Business, on Integrating arts, science, technology, and emotion for sustainable development 30th August 2017

8. Sri Swami Bhodamayananda, Maharaja of Ramakrishna math on 27th of July 2017

9. Dr. M. Suneela, Environmental Information System Coordinator, Environmental Protection Training and Research Institute, Hyderabad 28th April 2017

10. Prof. P. Srinivas, Former Professor, Department of Chemistry, Osmania University, Hyderabad April 14,2017

11. Environmental Protection Training and Research Institute – Hyderabad

12. Dr. Ashubeb Dutta, Associate Professor, Department of ECE, IIT- Hyderabad Campus, March 24,2017

13. Mr. Chakradhar Director, Dhanush Engineering Services India Pvt Ltd. March22,2017

14. Shri.V.V. Lakshminarayana, Additional Director General of Police Maharashtra Police, 5th March 2017

15. Shri Mukesh Chauhan, Founder & CEO, Technolexis Pvt. Ltd 25th February 2017

16. Prof. R.K.Shevgaonkar, Former Director IIT-Delhi & presently Prof. at IIT-Bombay 25th February 2017

17. Dr. Narayana. L. Pidigu, Sr. Director Xilinx, Hyderabad, 25th February 2017

18. Mr Sudhakar, OSD, Secretary DAE, (Ex CMD,ECIL Hyderabad), 25th February 2017

19. Mr. Mani Srinivasan, Program Director, HW Development , IBM Bangalore 25th February 2017

20. Prof. R.K.Shevgaonkar, former Director IIT Delhi Ltd 25th February 2017

21. Dr. B.G. Fernandes, HoD& Prof. of Electrical Engineering., IIT-Bombay 24th February 2017

22. Prof. RajatMoona, Director General, C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing), Pune, 24th February 2017

23. Dr.Deben K Das, Professor and Past Chair, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Mechanical Engineering, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA 10th February 2017

24. Dr.A.K.Behera, Overseas Projects & Services Ltd.4th February 2017

25. Prof. Prem Vrat, former VC, U.P. Technical University, 4th February 2017

26. Dr.R.Pradeep Kumar, IIIT Hyderabad, 4th February 2017

27. Dr.A.Vidya Sagar, CEO, Avantel, Hyderabad, 4th February 2017

28. Dr.A.K.Rao, Advisor & Co-founder at Tesla Consulting Group, 4th February 2017

29. Dr. Kripa Shanker, Former VC, Gautam Buddh Technical University, Lucknow, 4th February 2017

30. Mr.Vivek Chawla, CEO, Emami Industries, 4th February 2017

31. Dr.R.H.G. Rau, CEO, N-hance India Pvt Ltd, 4th February 2017

32. Dr.S C Rastogi, Director, BT & BT Management Consultancy Pvt Ltd, 4th February 2017

33. Mr. Behram Sherdiwala, Chief People Officer, Head of HR, ACC Limited, 4th February 2017

34. Mr.K P N Rao, Head - HR, Product Dev & Engineering, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, 4th February 2017

35. Dr.R.N.Singh, Cyber Appellate Tribunal, Department of Electronics & Information Technology, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, 4th February 2017

36. Mr.Sundar Kasturirangan, Director-IT Services, Techwave Global Delivery center, 4th February 2017

37. Mr.Sriram Jayasimha, Chairman, Signion Systems, 4th February 2017

38. Mr.Ram Kumar, P&P(people & Performance), 4th February 2017

39. Dr.Bhabtosh Sahu, CEO,Innovassynth Technologies, 4th February 2017

40. Dr. Murali Padmanabhan, Sr. VP. Head Talent Management -India and Global Head Talent Development, VirtusaPolaris, 4th February 2017

41. Dr. B. Yegnanarayana, Professor Emeritus at BITS-Pilani Hyderabad Campus, 14th October 2016

42. Dr. Tarapada Pyne Strategic Asset Management /Operational Excellence & Reliability and Asset Management Expert Manufacturing Center of Excellence, SABIC, Saudi Arabia, 24th September 2016

43. Prof. S K Sarangi, Former Professor, IIT Kharagpur and Former Director, NIT Rourkela, 23rd September 2016

44. Mr. Guru Prasad KuppuRao, Director, Imaginarium India Private Ltd., 23rd September 2016

45. Prof. M. K. Tiwari, Professor, IIT Kharagpur, 23rd September 2016

46. Prof. Om PrakashYadav, Professor, North Dakota State University, Fargo, USA, 24th September 2016

47. Prof. (Col). Aditya Parida, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden 24th September 2016

48. Dr. Tarapada Pyne, Reliability and Asset Management Expert, Manufacturing Center of Excellence, SABIC, Saudi Arabia 24th September 2016

49. Dr. Gopal Naik, Scientist F, Research Centre for Immarath, Hyderabad Aug 18, 2016

50. Dr. Niraj Kumar, Scientist, CEERI-Pilani, 25th August 2016

51. Mr. Sundararajan, Director, Kalyani Technologies 25th August 2016

52. Mr. Anurag Bhatnagar, Principal Architect - Global Microsoft Practice, Hyderabad, July 30, 2016

53. Prof. C Amarnath, Professor Emeritus, IIT Bombay, 23rd June 2016

54. Dr. M. Vithal, Professor of Chemistry, Osmania University, Hyderabad 18th April 2016

55. Mr.BharathTechnical, Head CADFEM, Hyderabad, 24th February 2016

56. Mr. Manivannan Srinivasan, Vice President, IBM, Bangalore 16th February 2016

57. Mr. Amarnath Rao, Chief Knowledge Catalyst, MIND MATTERS, Hyderabad, 10th February 2016

58. Dr. E G RAJAN, Founding President, Pentagram Research Centre Hyderabad 28th January 2016

59. Mr. Vamsi Boppana, Vice President, Xilinx, (R/D), Hyderabad, 8th January 2016

60. Dr.Kazuo Sato, Emeritus Professor, Nagoya University and Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan, 18th December 2015

61. Dr.Hiroshi Tanaka, Professor, Department of Creative Engineering ,NIT, Japan, 18th December 2015

62. Mr. PC Kumar, Chief Technical Officer, NGE, 24th November, 2015

63. Mr. M Vijay Kumar Gupta, CEO, Kwality Photonics, 24th November, 2015

64. Dr. AnupamSarma, Scientist G, DLDR, Hyderabad, 24th November, 2015

65. Mr. P Naveen , CEO, Divami software, 24th November, 2015

66. Mr. N Keshav, Sr. Vice President, Manufacturing, India Cements, 24, November, 2015

67. M. Venkat Raman, Consultant, Mahindra and Mahindra, Zahirabad, 24, November, 2015

68. Mr. Jitendra Sharma, GM & HR , NSL Power, 24th November, 2015

69. Mr. R. SundraRajan, Senior Research Director, Defense and R & D, Kalyani Centre for Technology and Innovations (KCTL), 24th November, 2015

70. Mr. Ram Vesta, Vice President, Operations, Mahindra and Mahindra, Zahirabad, 24th November, 2015

71. Dr. Asit Mohapatra, Vice President , HR, Future Supply Chain Solutions, 24, November, 2015

72. Mr. T Prasanna Kumar, Director, ATS India Ltd, 24th November, 2015

73. Dr. R K Vyas, Executive Vice President, Manara Technologies, 24, November, 2015

74. Mr. D. Battacharya, DGM, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., 24th November, 2015

75. Mr. Basab Ghosh , General Manager , ITC, 24th November, 2015

76. Mr. Aniruddha Dasu, Senior Vice President, Polaris, 24th November, 2015

77. Ms. Sona Bhatia, Senior Vice President, Polaris, 24th November, 2015

78. Mr. Naren , CEO, Dark Horse, 24th November, 2015

79. Mr. D P Dube, CISO, Reliance Industries, 24th November, 2015

80. Dr. A V VidyaSagar, CEO, Avantel, Hyderabad, 24th November, 2015

81. Mr. Kevin Paul, Head Engineering Operations, Mentor Graphics, Hyderabad, 24th November, 2015

82. Dr. Rohin Majet, Guest Scientist, Rotavio Labs, Hyderabad, 14th October 2015

83. Mr.Swaroop B, German Aerospace Center (DLR) and Co-Founder & Technical Head, Rotavio Labs, Hyderabad, 14th October 2015

84. Mr. Nikhil Chowdary, Technical Head, ESCI, Hyderabad 30th September 2015

85. Mr. T.Satish Kumar, Engineering Manager, Rockwell Collins India Design Center, Avionics, HAL, Hyderabad.29th September 2015

86. Dr. Ashok Kumar Pandey, Associate Professor, IIT- Hyderabad, 4th August 2015

87. Prof.Vithal, Osmania University, 29th June to 3rd July, 2015

88. Prof.P.Sreenivas Sarma, CBIT, Topic: Outcome based Teaching Methodology, 29th June to 3rd July, 2015

89. Dr.M.K.Parida, SOA University, 29th June to 3rd July, 2015

90. Dr.Ghanshyam Krishna, UOH, 29th June to 3rd July, 2015

91. Prof.V Siva Rama Prasad, Professor of Mathematics(Retd), Osmania University, 29th June to 3rd July, 2015

92. Dr.R.V.Rao, SVNIT Surat, 29th June to 3rd July, 2015

93. Dr. V.S.Raju, Former director, IIT Delhi, 29th June to 3rd July, 2015

94. Prof. M.Kumar, Osmania university, Hyderabad, 29th June to 3rd July, 2015

95. Dr.Seetarama Brahmam, TCS Hyderabad, 29th June to 3rd July, 2015

96. Mr.Himanshu Varma Parther, Y-point Analytics, USA, 29th June to 3rd July, 2015

97. Mr.Bhavin Rekwalni, Y-point Analytics, Mumbai, 29th June to 3rd July, 2015

98. Prof.B.G.Fernandes, IIT Bombay, 29th June to 3rd July, 2015

99. Dr.P.K.Nanda, SOA, 29th June to 3rd July, 2015

100. Dr.Khanchan choudhary, IIT Kharagpur, 29th June to 3rd July, 2015

101. Mr. Raja Bandi, Director, LUCID VLSI, Hyderabad, 10th July 2015

102. Mr. V. S. Venkatraman, Advisor, Mahindra & Mahindra, 1st May 2015

103. Dr. Suril V Shah, Assistant Professor, IIIT-Hyderabad, 20th March 2015

104. Dr. V. Rahul Shrestha, Assistant Professor, IIIT-Hyderabad, 27th February 2015

105. Dr.Amit Acharyya, Assistant Professor, IIT-Hyderabad, 23rd February 2015

106. Dr. Satyasai Jagannath Nanda, Assistant Professor, MNIT, Jaipur, 16th September 2014

107. Mr. Sriniwas Naik, Project Lead, L & T InfoTech, Hyderabad, 20th March 2014

108. Mr. Y.Kishore, Sr. Vice President, Polaris, Hyderabad 20th March 2014

109. D N Reddy, Member, UGC - Chairman, RAC/DRDO, Ministry of Defense - Chairman, NBA Appellate Committee - Former Vice Chancellor, JNTU, Hyderabad, 5th March 2014

110. Rajeev Kunati, Salzgitter Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd. Topic: “Prospects in Mechanical Engineering, CEO, 27th September 2012

111. Dr. D. C. Reddy, Former Vice Chancellor, Osmania university 14th August 2012