The Curriculum

The curriculum for B.Arch. degree course is made to attain a congruency between design education in Architecture and the role of an Architect in the society, where the justification of profession will be in providing better environments for contemporary societies. The workshop-based education here will involve students in real-time projects. Each workshop has an expert in theory and various practicing architects guiding the students to realise their ideas and practically implement them.

Research & Publications

Research is an integral part of Architectural pedagogy at ICFAI school of Architecture. Teachers engage in a continuous study of the ever-expanding synthesis of relevant information, develop individual capacities to test and modify their own methods of teaching. Every project handled in the workshop will have a strong research basis and the faculty work with the students to realise the depth of their interest. Publishing research work is a continuous process at ICFAI and we work with an aim to contribute our work to the global arena of knowledge.


Principal's Message

Our New ICFAI School of Architecture starting this academic year 2018-19 is another feather in the hat for the well-established, India’s most popular ICFAI Deemed University in Hyderabad. As such ICFAI University is one of the Best Universities in India under UGC ranking - 2018. Even in Global standards, ICFAI University is highly recognized and received many Awards and Appreciations for academic excellence.

Our Faculty

  • Prof. Ar. Narasimham. V.V.L

    Principal & Professor
    Qualification :B.Arch., M.Arch. in Landscape Architecture,
    Experience :30 years

  • Prof. Dr. Massimo Vianello

    Professor, Chief Course Coordinator
    Qualification: PhD in Architecture
    Experience: Over 30 Years

  • Prof. Ar. Yeshwant Ramamurthy

    Qualification : B.Arch
    Experience : 41 years

  • Prof. Ar. Venkat Ramana.P

    Professor, Design Chair
    Qualification : B.Arch., Masters degree in Construction & Infrastructure
    Experience : 23 years

  • Prof. Ar. Neelima Gudavalli

    Professor, Course Coordinator
    Qualification : B.Arch., M.Arch. (Interior Design), (PhD)
    Experience : 17 Years

  • Ar. R.Rithika

    Assistant Professor
    Qualification: B.Arch.
    Experience: 10 Years

  • Ar. Naganjaneyulu .K

    Assistant Professor
    Qualification: B.Arch.
    Experience: 10 years, 6 months

  • Ar. Srinivas Kalyan T

    Assistant Professor
    Qualification: B.Arch.
    Experience: 8 Years, 10 Months

  • Ar. Tulluru Ravi Chandra

    Studio Assistant
    Qualification: B.Arch.
    Experience: 1 Year, 10 Months