ICFAI Law School considers the research as bedrock for legal education and profession. Every student, during the program, has to undertake the research by using the web and library resources and make presentations in seminars and also take active part in the workshops. As part of project work or and assignment, every student will be given some important topics on current events drawing conflicting legal arguments. 

Important components of research work of student includes writing of articles, preparing power point presentations, participation in seminars, conferences and workshops, legal aid programs and moot courts. This process enriches the analytical and writing skills of the students and enhances the zeal to learn more in a comprehensive manner. It believes that such seminar interactions widen the vision of students. As part of legal aid programs, the student is required to find out the problems of the people in selected pockets and prepare drafts to represent their cases by undertaking field study and research.

ICFAI Law School plans to conduct immersion workshops, conferences and also arranges the guest lectures on the contemporary legal issues by the professionals such as the honorable judges, advocates and legal luminaries. It plans to host seminars in specialized areas of law like cyber law, intellectual property rights, insurance environment and other legal arenas. 


The faculty is dedicated to classwork, training, research, and expansion of knowledge. With primary emphasis on creative activities encompassing every area of academic inquiry and the delivery of high-quality instruction, faculty are encouraged and motivated to continually improve and enrich teaching, including intellectual development, industry-interface, and institution building activities. To enable its faculty to reach their full potential, various centers of excellence and research support schemes are under designs to bring in more focus to research initiatives. 

National Seminar organized by ICFAI Law School

Two day Seminar on Sold Waste Management Legal facies

(10-11, April 2015) “Digital India: Cyber Law Dynamics”

(14-Mar-2015) “Corporate Spectrum: Legal facies”

(20th August 2013) “Legal Dynamics: A Revisit”

Nov 4, 2013
Constitutional Law
Hon’ble Justice B.P.Jeevan Reddy, Former Judge, Supreme Court of India and Former Chairman,
Law Commission of India

Aug 20, 2013
Financial Sector Legislative Reforms in India
Dr. Radhika Pandey,

(18th and 19th of August 2012)

financial Sector Legislative Reforms in India:

(5th and 6th of february 2011)

Right to Education: Constitutional Dynamics: