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Program Name: My First Cloud Program

About the Program:
This course explores cloud computing models and Amazon Web Services (AWS) fundamentals. Students will expand their knowledge of cloud computing through narrative-based scenarios and short interactive tasks.

1st Semester, Under Graduate Students in Engineering

AWS Educate Program
With the increasing demand for cloud-skilled employees, AWS Educate provides an academic gateway for the next generation of IT and cloud professionals. The program offers a robust set of no-cost tools, resources, and AWS Promotional Credits for students and educators to skill up on the cloud and accelerate cloud-related learning endeavors.

For more information about the program, please visit The ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education is a member institution of the AWS Educate Program. The students & educators of the Institute will receive the relevant benefits of the program as per the guideline.

Students Will Learn:

  • The basic concepts of computing
  • Fundamental cloud computing models
  • The importance of cloud computing through problem solving activities

Program Modules:
Module-1: Introduction to the Internet and Computer Basics
Overview of the Internet (history and definition)
Overview of computer architecture

Module-2: Cyber Security
Overview of cyber security and key concepts
Importance of cyber security

Module-3: Data Analysis:
Concepts and Processes of Data Analysis

Module-4: Programming and Algorithms:
Basics of Algorithms and Programming

Module-5: Overview of Computing:
Impacts of Computing
Definition, uses, and applications of computing

Module-6: Introduction to Cloud Computing:
Components and definition of cloud computing
Cloud computing architecture:

Module-7: Overview of Cloud Models:
Cloud somputing service and deployment models:
SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud

Module-8: Cloud Computing Fundamentals:
Applications, challenges and benefits of cloud computing

Module-9: Cloud Computing Case Studies
Education training organization’s implementation of AWS
Worldwide Learning Organization’s MOOC implementation on AWS.
Online Hospitality Service organization’s implementation on AWS.

Course Performance Metrics
Students will be awarded a badge upon successful completion of the first 5 modules. By submitting the badge, the student may claim 5 marks in the subject of Computer Programming – I. The skill of the student on the rest of the 5 modules will be checked through the Computer Programming – I comprehensive exam.

ICFAI's View on Engineering Students Learning Cloud Computing
Cloud computing has become an integral part of information technology around the world. With the increasing demand for cloud computing employees, professional training and certification can help the students to meet the changing standards of the IT industry. This programme will help students obtain the knowledge and background of cloud computing.

As a part of our endeavor to build critical skills around cloud computing, we strongly believe that the learning needs to be initiated when the Engineering students start their journey at ICFAI at the very beginning. Hence, “My First Cloud Program, powered by AWS Educate” has been incorporated at the first semester of engineering curriculum. The course is built to provide a fundamental level of learning for students around cloud computing.

AWS Educate Cloud Career Pathways provide students with access to AWS Promotional Credits, training, and the option to choose their desired cloud career. AWS Educate delivers a personalized path that includes content, knowledge checks, and badging that guides them through the learning process.